Therapy for Children

Children and Adolescence

Mental health, just like physical health can deteriorate if not addressed early and can be effected by one off events, such as bereavement or an ongoing negative influence in our environment, such as bullying. In our early years whilst our personalities are developing and our perceptions of our place in social groups are forming, having an opportunity to explore our emotions and negative influences can be very powerful.

Pressures on young people today are huge with the relentless nature of social media compromising young people’s personal time and emotional space and ever rising pressures of school targets being transferred onto students.

Having set up a counselling service in a local secondary school and trained and volunteered with child bereavement charity Penhaligons Friends I have had a lot of experience counselling students.  This can involve exploring emotions through just dialogue, or using creative mediums such as art and play can also help children with a limited emotional vocabulary to explore how they are feeling.

Counselling services for children and teenagers is provided by the following organisations in Cornwall and depending on the severity of need and how long you are willing to wait on a waiting list they may be your best first port of call for a no fee option.

Kooth online and face to face support for a range of support for children and teenagers.

Child and Adolesence Mental Helth Service provided by the N.H.S is also availble for couselling and higher service levels.

Addaction also provide support for young people with addictions from one to one counselling to group support.

Penhaligons Freinds provide support for bereaved children.